The Toy Soldiers were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana started by Philip and Billy Beyer in 1967 in Billy’s living room. They wanted to start their own band and left the band called The Mogrombies. The Toy Soldiers were a three piece band playing small bars, teen dances and any place people would listen. Philip started to practice his booking skills. They wanted to go on the road so Philip dropped out of Louisiana State University and Billy quit his day job and they took off on the road with only two jobs booked in advanced. Their first stop was Chattanooga Tennessee at a club called the GO GO Club, which attracted about 2000 people on the weekends. They became one of the house bands along with a group called The Playthings (The main attraction) While at the GO GO Club they added a few new members and became a five-piece band and played around a few other clubs in Tennessee. Philip returned to Baton Rouge in 1969, Billy stayed out on the road for another six months. When Billy returned to Baton Rouge, Philip and he started another band called NakedWilson.

Band Members from the whole era

Philip Paul Beyer Guitar then switched to lead vocals
Billy Beyer-Organ and Keyboard bass
Sal Lafasui-Drums
Eddie Massy-Drums
Frank Bates-Bass
Robert Thames-Guitar