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Philip Paul & Patrol formerly known as Papa Joe & Riverboat were a five-piece band based out of Nashville, TN. In 1980 they secured a small record deal with Mirus Music out of Cleveland Ohio. They had a Billboard Pick on the song Last Stand For Love in 1980 produced by Mike Daniel. They continue to play in the south various venues nightclubs, private corporate dances. In 1986-87 they secured a recording deal with a studio located in the United Artist Building in Nashville, TN called Suite 900 Recording with producer Jerry Michaels. They worked on a series of songs (You can download as MP3’s and view videos of this group on this web site) for about one year. Their producer Jerry Michael shop these songs in hope of securing a national recording deal but it wasn’t to be so. The group decided to build their own studio in 1987 and try to produce themselves. They y wrote and recorded another series of songs (You can download as MP3’s on this web site) The years began to take its toll on Philip Paul and he decided to leave the industry. Philip contacted his agents now up to about twenty different agencies and told them not to book any more dates after December 31. 1988 that would be his last engagement. It turned out to be a county club in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
One of his agents Bobby Smith one of the greats in the music business, called him in for a meeting and suggested that since he had about a year of contracts left that he join forces with a couple of lady entertainers known as the Colby Twins. The Colby Twins had a popular band in Nashville called Hot Tomato and they had also traveled extensively and sang back up for Bobby Goldsboro during his hey day in late 70’s and early 80’s.
This all sounded good to Philip Paul, as he was very tired of singing up to fifty songs a night and carrying a lot of the fronting load of his band. They joined forces and called this new band The Home Town Heroes. It was an instant success and the dates started to roll in. The two beautiful blond twins were tremendous entainters as well as great singers. Philip has said many times he wished they had joined forces earlier with the girls. He really enjoyed watching the girls wow the audience and he even liked running sound for them Philip Paul played his last engagement with the The Home Town Heroes at a country club in Fort Smith Arkansas on December 31, 1988 new years eve. He tells the story of never making mention of his departure to the audience, putting the microphone in it holder after finishing his last song and staring at that microphone thinking back over the 21 years to make sure he would always remember that moment, walking off the stage it was a very happy moment in his life. He was going home to be a good father and provider for his family.
Band Members

Philip Paul-Lead Vocals
Michael Saint Leon-Guitar
John Snelling-Keyboards
C. J. Kowall-Bass
Bill Brewer- 1st Drummer
Frank Geraude- Bass
Hoppie Vaughn- Bass
Paul Snyder-Drums

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