Papa Joe’s Traveling Show from Baton Rouge, La. was started by Philip Beyer and Billy Beyer in 1972. The group was formerly known as Naked Wilson who due to mounting criticism about the name changed it to Papa Joe Traveling Show. In 1973 they changed the name to Papa Joe and Riverboat. The jobs started to roll in and the popularity of the band took off.

The first few years where spent playing dates at high school dances and college events in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Yes they played on Riverboats in New Orleans and did a few live broadcast on WNOE, one of the live broadcast was from the famous old studio where Fats Domino and many other New Orleans great where there. In 1975 the band started traveling the USA, They spent the summer of 1977 & 1978 in Los Angles, Calif. playing clubs and shopping for a record deal. They did a tour of Canada in winter of 1978.

In 1979 they secured a recording deal with a studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana called Royal Shield Recording Corp. They produced a series of original material (You can download as MP3’s on this web site) which led to a small record deal with Mirus Music out of Cleveland Ohio. The record company did not like the name Papa Joe & Riverboat. They renamed the band to Philip Paul & Patrol. With a Billboard Pick on the song Last Stand For Love they packed up and moved their base to Nashville, TN. in 1980 to be closer to their producer Mike Daniels of Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and the record industry.

Band Members from the whole era
If you know of band members that where in this group no matter what length of time pleas email us and give us that information so we can fill in the blanks.

Philip Paul Beyer Guitar
John Matison- Drums
John P. Snelling- keyboards
Joey Decker- bass
John Windam-guitar
Tony Prestijockamo- Organ
Arron Kisner- Drums
Frank Geraude- Bass

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