The Mogrombies a group from Baton Rouge, La. was started in the 1960;s by the Hopkins Family. This was Philip Beyers’ and Billy Beyers’ first organized group. They joined the band in 1967. Philip played guitar and his brother Billy played organ. Philip was not a very good guitar player so they really only wanted Billy but he wouldn’t play without his brother Philip so they to let him join. They played a few teen dances in and around Baton Rouge and practiced a lot. They played pop and soul music. They left the group the same year and started their own group called The Toy Soldiers .

Band Members
We do not know the history of band prior to Billy Beyer & Philip Beyer joining.
If you know of other band members, have other pictures, recordings or know more history on The Mogrombies we would be happy to add them to this web site. Please email us with or mail us with that information so we can fill in the blanks.

????? ????? -Lead Vocals
Ronnie Hopkins-Drummer
??? Hopkins-Bass
Philip Paul Beyer Guitar
Billy Beyer-Organ

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