The Home Town Heroes were based out of Nashville, TN from May-December of 1988. The group was the joining of forces of two poplar top forty groups from Nashville called Philip Paul & Patrol a five piece male group and the Colby Twins two beautiful blondes also known for their popular group Hot Tomato. The idea for the merger of these two groups into The Home Town Heroes was Bobby Smiths’ of the booking agency Let Us Entertain You. Bobby new the girls and Philip were good entertainers and Philip was also a good bandleader and manager. It was an instant success and the dates started to roll in. They started to be in great demand and were starting to demand very good money for a local group. They played one of the big parties at the Democratic convention in 1988. They were in demand for various corporate sponsored parties. Philip had already put in his notice to Bobby Smith and his other agents telling them this would be his last year. He held to that commitment and left the group after their New Years Eve engagement in 1988. The group continued to play for about four to six more months. Due to other members expressing interest in other opportunities the group disbanded in spring of 1989. (You can download as MP3’s and view videos of this group on this web site)

Band Members from the whole era

Ann Colby-Lead Vocals
Linda Colby-Lead Vocals
Philip Paul-Lead Vocals
Michael Saint Leon-Guitar
John Snelling-Keyboards
C. J. Kowall-Bass
Bill Brewer- Drummer
Kip Ranes- Drummer